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Below you will find the names of the faculty members of P.S. 55.
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NamePositionEmail Address
NamePositionEmail Address
Avery, R. Teacher, 4th & 5th ravery@benfranklin055.org 
Aziz, J. Teacher, 5th jaziz@benfranklin055.org 
Casciano, A. Teacher, 1st acasciano@benfranklin055.org 
Concepcion, D. Teacher, 3rd dconcepcion@benfranklin055.org 
Cordero-Diaz, S. Teacher, Kindergarten scordero@benfranklin055.org 
Fernandez, J. Teacher, Pre-K jfernandez@benfranklin055.org 
Gaynor, B. Teacher, 3rd bgaynor@benfranklin055.org 
Hamin, V. Teacher, 3rd & 4th vhamin@benfranklin055.org 
Haynes, K. Teacher, Kindergarten khaynes@benfranklin055.org 
Hernandez, V. Teacher, 2nd vhernandez@benfranklin055.org 
Jones, V. Teacher, Pre-K vjones@benfranklin055.org 
Kitchings, S. Teacher, 4th skitchings@benfranklin055.org 
Maduro, J. Teacher, 4th jmaduro@benfranklin055.org 
Martinek, G. Assistant Principal (Compliance) gmartinek@schools.nyc.gov 
McBride, L. Teacher, 2nd lmcbride@benfranklin055.org 
Morgan, D. Teacher, 5th dmorgan@benfranklin055.org 
Munroe, N. Teacher, 4th nmunroe@benfranklin055.org 
Nwogu, N. Teacher, 2nd nnwogu@benfranklin055.org 
Otero, N. Teacher, Pre-K notero@benfranklin055.org 
Quarshie, C. Teacher, 5th cquarshie@benfranklin055.org 
Rambert, L. Teacher, 2nd lrambert@benfranklin055.org 
Salazar, B. Teacher, Pre-K bsalazar@benfranklin055.org 
Salcedo, J. Teacher, 1st jsalcedo@benfranklin055.org 
Santiago, M. Teacher, 2nd msantiago@benfranklin055.org 
Simmons, M. Assistant Principal (Pre-K to 2) msimmons2@schools.nyc.gov 
Simone, J. Teacher, Kindergarten jsimone@benfranklin055.org 
Torres, Luis Principal ltorres2@schools.nyc.gov 
Vetere, J. Assistant Principal (Grades 3-5) jvetere2@schools.nyc.gov 
Washington, M. Teacher, 1st mwashington@benfranklin055.org 
Ziolo, M. Teacher, 3rd mziolo@benfranklin055.org 
Showing 30 items