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Schoolwide Policies

On this page, you will find information about attendance, uniforms, busing and parent visitations.

Attendance & Absences

To earn a perfect attendance certificate, a student must be in attendance the total number of days and minutes a school is in session.  Students tardy will not qualify for perfect attendance. All absences not verified will be considered truant.  Children should attend school EVERY day unless an illness or emergency prevents them from doing so.  If your child is going to be absent, please call the office by 8:30AM and send a note when he/she returns to school.

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Uniform Policy

It is important that students understand their responsibility to dress and conduct themselves in a manner conducive to maintaining a safe, positive school environment and an orderly educational program.  We strongly encourage our students to reflect pride in themselves and in their school by wearing the school uniform every day.  The uniform policy has been established to create a positive learning environment and a safe campus.

Bus Transported Students

Students taking the school bus will arrive to school by 7:45AM.  Breakfast is available for these students upon arrival.  These students will also be dismissed at 2:20PM every day in the front of the building.


Visiting the School

Parents are welcome to visit our school.  We ask that you please sign in at the front desk, get a visitor’s pass, and come to the main office.