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Ms. Judy
Ms. Jones
Ms. Salazar
Ms. Otero

Mrs. Campell
Ms. Cordero-Diaz
Ms. Haynes
Ms. Simone/ Mr. Simon

First Grade
Ms. Aziz/ Ms. Hamin
Ms. Lawrence
Ms. Nicoletto
Ms. Salcedo

Second Grade
Ms. Casciano/ Ms. Hill
Mr. Esposito
Ms. Kitchings
Ms. Veerasammy
Ms. Washington

Third Grade
Mrs. Gaynor
Ms. Hernandez
Ms. McBride/ Mr. Nwogu
Ms. Rambert

Fourth Grade
Ms. Avery
Mrs. Branch/ Mr. Schmitt
Ms. Munroe
Mr. Ziolo/ Mr. Rosello

Fifth Grade
Ms. Avery
Mr. Cassidy/ Ms. Concepcion
Ms. Morgan/ Ms. Quarshie